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About Us

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To provide nontraditional, at-risk students the opportunity, tools, and motivation to dream about creating a better future for themselves and others.

Our Mission

To merge user friendly technology with state-of-the-art education that is student learning centered to create a virtual community where students are inspired and excited to learn daily, at their own pace and from anywhere.

These Are Our Institutional Values

  • Diversity – Provide a learning environment that provides hand-on assistance for the success of Immigrant – English As a Second Language (ESL)
  • Involvement – Create an ecosystem that works with the assistance and direction from parents and guardians to enhance learning.
  • Supportive learning community –Provide an extensive array of student support services based on student needs and interests for academic success.
  • Character – Build in a core value of Integrity and character through accountability.
  • Leadership – Presentations, skills from working with different personalities,
    communication, teamwork.
  • Systematic Improvement: Develop and maintain systems that optimize student
    opportunities for broadly participative, interactive learning.
  • Confidence – Develop self-challenging student-centered learning environment that improves skills required for success in higher education.